Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 3

Hola bloggers y bienvenidos to the Blog once again! We hope you all enjoyed your week and are excited to see and read about our experiences this week as well! Here goes...

Monday the students had a chance to relax at home while the host moms gathered at the school for a meeting. Here they all are along with Diana the Onsite Coordinator second from the far back left and Moira (her right hand woman and someone we depend on a great deal) on the far back left. 

Some of the mom's sent snapshots of some of their experiences thus far with the students.

Below is a video from last week when we went to the local sports facility/park to play soccer and basketball. Some of us hung out on the swings :)

A behind the scenes tour of the magic that happens every week with theater...

in choir...

 (We are serious singers as you can see!)

and dance!

all in preparation for the farewell show on July 22 where theatrical, musical and dance skills will  unite to make one great musical! We can't wait!

Thursday we had the privilege of learning to make several authentic Yucatecan dishes as two of the host moms came to give cooking lessons

Whew, lot's of chopping, dicing, mashing and ta da! Final products are ready. Let's see..we've got...


We worked so we try them already???

Yea...i'd say we approve...:)

Guacamole ( because well, it's guacamole!)

 Xek de frutas


                                                                       Sikil pak

and Salpicón de pollo

Alright so now we get to the real fun part......provecho!!

Gracias masters of the kitchen!

Friday we headed off to Uxmal...


 So long Uxmal!

After leaving Uxmals, we were Loltún bound! 

Here is outside the cave at Loltún waiting to head in on our tour...and of course, it started to rain! But it still is beautiful!

 Inside now, that's better!
 A bit different from Indiana

Ahhh, this is where it's at!

 Adiós Loltún!

Time for our regular snooze on the way home!


Well, for most of us that is! And others studied their Maya-Spanish dictionaries!

Bailando Limbo!

 Saturday we headed back to Yaxunah, the small Maya village where we are doing community service for three Saturdays during the program. Here we are awaiting the bus to head out...and as you can see Mérida is one step ahead of the rest of the world as far as shoe fashion is concerned!


 A few visitors, just passing through :)

We began the day by touring a local archeological site where excavations are currently taking place. Findings have included human and animal bones, and a variety of rocks and ceramic pieces which is what Julia, one archeologist is us showing below.

 We then trekked on to head to a few local ruins

 A trabajar! Let's get to work! The rest of the day we helped create more fertile soil to plant various plants around the community center

 This was not without its entertainment especially with respect to what kinds of insects we were to come upon!

 as well as transport rocks to aid in the construction of a storage center/warehouse in the community center

 An additional task of ours was to learn two questions in Maya. These, coupled with the 10+ words we learned last week ought to combine for strong advances in Maya, of course we won't forget our español! However, jumping back and forth between Spanish and Maya sure makes our heads hurt and some students are commenting that they are even forgetting words in English...which is great for these 7 weeks of course! :) 

Group reflection and Maya practice after a long days work!
 A little dirt and grime never hurt anybody!  See ya next week, Yaxunah!

Sunday we gathered at the school for salsa class with La Maestra Angelica. Well, while there was some salsa, there was also a bit of merengue, cumbia and, quite a bit of zumba. All in all, we got our exercise for the week! ( At least I see it that way but others probably will disagree! :))

                                                                             A bailar!


Once again thank you all for checking out the blog this week. We hope you enjoyed it and look forward to reuniting again next weekend! Adiós for now!

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