Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Week 5

Hello there blogees and welcome once again to the IUHPFL 2015 Merida Blog! We appreciate your patience with the posting of the blog last week and this week. We have had an amazing week and have tons to share with you so let's get to it!

Monday the students had an exam in  their linguistics class...a great way to start the week, I'd say!

Now and then we get interesting little visitors at the school...

                              Pre-class doodling..Linguistics and mainstream jargon together at last

              Afternoon activity...dance...in preparation for our farewell show, approaching shortly!


Now that's what we mean by singing...
And, theater! ( Just takin' a little break...)


Wednesday we celebrated Vanessa's b-day! Feliz Cumple Vanessa!!

Friday we headed off on our 3 day excursion to Tulum, first stopping at Punta Laguna for a hike.

Along the way we were able to spot some of the monkeys inhabiting the jungle!

Our hike ended with a stop at the lagoon where we were all very ready to cool off


We headed to the beach in Tulum later Friday evening...

Friday night we headed back to our hotel where we spent a few hours just hanging out...some of us a bit more chill than others, as card games can get pretty intense. Here's a glimpse of a game of speed...

Saturday we went to Akumal beach in Tulum to check out more ruins, which made for some beautiful photos and scenic walk, despite the heat!

Friday night we all headed out to explore the town and eat dinner..

Saturday morning breakfast before heading to see more ruins, shoreside! 

Heading back to the bus...oh, wait..yeah, we have to stop at SB!

Lunch, before...

heading on to the beach... again! It really never gets old!

Some of us went snorkeling to see the tortoises, coral and other various aspects of the sea

Adios playa!!!! Our last playa visit!! :( I think this was everyone's fav though...
Adios nuestro petit hotel!
Before heading back to Mérida, we stopped in Valladolid to do a little shopping, eat lunch...and...
and see our last cenote! :(


As always, thank you all for joining us this week, and we will be back again next Sunday to share more of our experiences as our journey in Merida comes to a close!
Adiós for now! :)


  1. What great pictures! Those kids look like they're having a blast!

  2. What great pictures! Those kids look like they're having a blast!

  3. This blog has been an absolute JOY to view and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work and time which has gone into it. We forgot about it until well into week three, but since discovering it, we have viewed it numerous times and we share it with loved ones. You have saved my sanity. I have loved seeing the smiling faces, the hard work, the joyful times and the obvious friendships. Thank YOU, and I am kind of sad for the students that their time will end in Mérida soon. It DOES look like it has been a special summer for everyone.
    -Elizabeth Lincourt (Victoria's mom)

    1. Thank you so very much for your kind comments..it has been my pleasure to maintain the blog. So glad you are enjoying the blog! We are having a wonderful time and are very sad that the journey is coming soon to a close! But we also know that you all cannot wait to see your AMAZING sons and daughters! :)

  4. Oh, as soon as I saw the posting about an intense game of Speed, I KNEW Victoria would be in the center of the action. I didn't even have to click the youtube link to find out, but I did anyway. SO FUN!!! Big hugs!

    1. :) LOVED watching Victoria that night!

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  7. The kids look they all are having a great time. We love looking at all the pictures and videos.
    we can't wait till next Friday to see all of you.